TOP 7 first birthday outfits for baby girls

Your daughter has come though many first mile stones in her young life; he first word, her first tooth and her first steps. Now she is approaching her first birthday. This is a memorable occasion for any proud parents. It would be lovely to buy her a special outfit for her to wear on her first birthday. In this article I will review the top seven first baby outfits for baby girls. These outfits are all very cute and will help you dress your little girl with elegance and style. Getting your daughter a special birthday outfit will make her birthday a day to remember; she will look lovely and her first birthday photos will be even more special. Photo’s make a great keepsake and you will cherish these memories for ever so it’s important that she looks her best.


Whether your planning a themed birthday or a small gathering of friends and family there are many outfits to choose from. I’m sure everyone will agree that your daughter looks gorgeous and give her the attention she deserves. As she’s turning one it’s a birthday which will be remembered by the whole family for years to come. It’s also a birthday that your daughter will ask about one day in the future; just think when she turns twenty one you could be using her first birthday photo on a party invitation.


Lets take a look at first birthday outfits for baby girls; here are some of the best available on Amazon. I have also given some style tips about how to get the best from these outfits.


  1. Rare editions Baby Girls 2 piece “Birthday girl” dress and pants set


This is a lovely little outfit for the baby girl in your life. It’s very pink and frilly and will make her look beautiful. This outfit would be perfect if you’re having a princess themed party; she will certainly be the centre of attention wearing such a cute little dress. A combination of a crown motif, layer skirt with a bow and little legging with ruffles will make your daughter look beautiful.


  1. Mud pie baby girls first birthday outfit, ‘I’m 1’ legging set


Let everybody know how old your daughter is with this adorable little outfit. The top features a number one and a party hat perfect for the birthday girl. This is also a two piece set with flared, stripy legging that are very fashionable. This outfit is quite casual allowing her to run around freely and play party games. She will look lovely in these pastel colours. Why not buy a matching party hat or ‘1’ for her cake from the mud pie range.


  1. Mud pie, baby girls flamingo skirt set


This baby girls first birthday party set is absolutely gorgeous, it will turn your daughter into a real party girl. The top has beautiful detailing and sequins that will make your baby sparkle. The back of the top features two pink bows which are also lovely. This is a very well designed outfit that’s perfect for birthdays. The skirt is double layer and has leggings attached. A lovely subtle shade of pink has been used in this design which is very elegant.


  1. Rare editions baby girls birthday girl tutu legging set


This design is bright and eye catching and is sure to get your daughter noticed. The top says ‘birthday girl’ in very cute lettering. This has been combined with stars, a birthday hat and some balloons to create a lovely little outfit. The skirt features beautiful rainbow hemming which your little girl will love, it also has a ruffled layered look. This set also includes a pair of pink leggings which can be used again and again after the special day.


  1. Kidcute Ture baby girls carnation pink Flower Amaya Tunic Legging outfit


This is another adorable little set which would be perfect for your daughters birthday. It is very stylish and well made. Soft fabric has been used so your daughter will be lovely and cuddly. A lovely shade of pink has been used to create this outfit, and this is teamed with a soft grey colour. This outfit is unusual and features a large flower, it’s made from warm material so is perfect for winter birthdays. For an added touch of cuteness you could purchase a matching hat for the special day.


  1. Mud pie girls tiered tutu Birthday Party Dress


Pastel party shades and lots of different patterns have been used to create this dress. A colourful bow completes the look.The skirt is like a tutu and has four layers which each have a different colour and pattern. This dress is perfect for a spring or summer birthday as it’s light and has short sleeves. However it could be teamed with tights or leggings and a little white cardigan in the colder months.


  1. Little Me Baby girls rosette dress set


This dress set is very angelic as it’s made using a white material. The set features a head band with flowers which will make your little girl look lovely. The dress is very cute and has little rosettes all over it. It’s very detailed and elegant. If you want to add a touch of colour to this outfit you could buy some light pink shoes or a nice necklace. Your one year old will look very dressed up and stylish.


I’m sure your daughter will look gorgeous what ever you choose to dress her in; good luck shopping for her first birthday outfit and have a great party.

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