Tips on Choosing the Best Nursery Rocking Chair

One of the most important things any mother expecting a baby needs to buy for the baby is a baby rocking chair. This is what mothers usually used to lull their babies, reading stories, singing songs, as well as feeding them. At the moment the babies start to arrive, these rocking chairs are considered as any mother’s nursing station and relaxing place.


You probably have been looking for the best nursing rocking chair for your baby and the amount of information available on the internet is really not helping out, you need not fret any more. Below are tips finding the best nursery rock chairs for your babies.


Types of Nursery Rocking Chairs

These rocking chairs come in several types, some of which are:


Wooden Rocking Chair: This refers to the nursery rocking chairs that are made of solid wood like the cherry, oak, pine, mahogany and male.


Upholstered Rocking: These are nursery rocking chairs made of thick foam and these foams are wrapped with soft cloth. They come in variety of colors so as to match your nursery room. They usually come with cushions and back pillows for ultimate comfort.


Rocking Chair with Footrest: These rockers have a footrest attached to it.



Features to look after when selecting the best nursery rocking chair

A combination of most of these features should be considered when purchasing this product.


Best Swivel

This characteristic goes a long way to make it easy to navigate with a sleeping baby. How much allowance is left for the connections allowing the chair to rotate horizontally is very essential.


Best Recliner

The characteristic is highly necessary as it helps you to get the most possible rest while nursing your baby. It goes a long way in providing you with the best possible back rest and some even go as far as including a head rest too.


Best Comfort

This is one of the most important features when it comes to the best nursery rocking chair to go for – no matter the rocker. As a nursing mother, this will be more valuable to you than most of the other features that any rocker will have. At those nursing moments, you need to be in a relaxed mode at all times.


Size and Space

This is especially for those expecting not just one child at a time. In that case, the size of the rocker will matter a lot. You do not want a situation where your babies are struggling for space.


Easy to clean

As much as possible you want to go for a rocking chair that does not get easily stained and as such does not involve a lot in keeping it clean or wiping stains off.


Rocking Motion

You want to make sure the rocking of the chair is so smooth and does not in any way jar. This way you are able to avoid noise to its barest minimum whenever you are rocking your baby and he/she finds it easier to sleep.


Before you finally go for a product, it is very important that you consider the comments made by users. This will help you get a taste of the life of the product. One of the best places you can find this is in the Amazon site.


Best Nursery Rocking Chair Review

Below are reviews of the best Nursing Rocking Chair, carefully selected. They are comfortable and stable and most of all, of high quality.


#1 Eddie Bauer Chair and Half Chair Space

This is one rocking chair considered ideal when it comes to space – if you are preparing twins or more. This way your babies don’t get to fight over space. This chair is high in size and therefore will allow for comfort in your nursing activity. It also features a high back, which will ensure that your back is well supported.


#2 Small Swivel Rocker and Ottoman


When it comes to comfort, this is it for you. With this rocker chair, you can’t help but grab your littles and snuggle up for story time. The need for this nursery chair is especially evident at that time you have a teething baby, say 3 a.m., and haven’t been able get a substantial amount of sleep for some time. At that point all you crave for is a comfortable rocking chair and not just one that matches your décor.


#3 Eames Style RAR Rocking Arm Lounge Chair


This is one rocking chair is considered as the easiest to clean – all it takes is just to wiping off. This is indeed a beautiful nursery rocking chair and high quality as well. Very simple to install and assembly.


#4 Dorel Asia Baby Relax Tinsley Rocker Chair

This is a traditional, upholstered rocking chair with a contemporary design twist. Its design features thickly padded backrest and seat cushions and two- tone welting for a crisp look and matching button-tufting of the back rest. This is an ideal choice for those looking for that quintessential baby rocker.



It is no easy task when it comes to keeping a baby calm. This is quite challenging, tiring and frustrating. Rocking chairs are a necessity for parent in their nursing period. This is one effective of calming down your little babies with the soothing effect produced by their gentle motion. For any parent, this is probably where you will be spending most of your time and as such lots of attention needs to be given to the purchase of this chair. From the above listed types and brands of the best nursing rocking chair, you can be guaranteed of comfort and quality.

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