Choosing the Best Maternity Pillow

Pregnant women generally find it difficult to get comfortable. Pregnancy comes with a lot of pain in different parts of the body as well as discomfort. Whether you are sleeping or sitting and watching television, or simply reading a book, it can be very uncomfortable when you don’t have any form of support. When the pregnancy is in its 3rd trimester, and the tummy is big in size, pregnant women begin to experience pains in different parts of their bodies which make it hard to get comfortable.



When you are heavily pregnant you are advised to lie on your left side all the time; whether you are sleeping or just relaxing. When only one sleeping position is recommended, being comfortable is difficult. However, using a maternity pillow can ease the pain and also help you relax when lying down or sitting. It’s highly recommended for sleeping too. There are different types of maternity pillows. They come in different shapes and sizes. The best maternity pillow is the full body maternity pillow which is also known as the J shaped.



The different types of maternity pillows are called the “J”, the “U” and the “C” shaped pillows. They serve different purposes for pregnant women who have different sleeping position problems. These pillows are designed to create comfort when used for sleeping, lying down, reading a book, watching tv, and the list goes on. Pregnant women are always complaining about one discomfort or the other, find the best pregnancy pillow for you and ease the aspect of stress and being unable to relax.



U shaped pillows

The u shaped pillows have two long sides. They provide support for mums on both sides while they are sleeping. The good thing about it is that it is the best pregnancy pillow for moms who turn from side to side while sleeping. This is because they don’t have to move the pillow; it provides comfort on both sides at ones. The u shaped pillow will encircle your body, and support your aching back, tired legs, tummy, arms and stiff necks.



C shaped pillow

The “C” shaped Pillows are mostly used to support the back, neck, leg and hip. Unlike the U shaped pillow, this one does not encircle the mum. It just goes half way. Only enough to protect the back leaving the front open. With this C shaped pillow the temperature is controlled and, it is easy to switch it from side to side, under the leg, back of the neck, and any other part of the body that needs extra comfort.



J shaped pillow

This pillow is regarded by many as the best pregnancy pillow because it is the most flexible of the three. It’s also called the Full Body Pillow. The pillow bends into a “C” pillow or a “U”pillow. It can crawl into any position that will give you adequate comfort. In-between the thighs, under your bump, over your arm, etc. It can be used to support the legs, hips, back, neck, tummy and it is easy to maneuver. It has a long arm and a short hook. Mums will get their desired comfort when they try this, and this pillow provides support for your entire body.


When buying a pregnancy pillow it is important to consider how comfortable it should be, it should be;

l durable

l affordable and

l Must be flexible.



The flexibility is an important aspect of the pillow. The best pregnancy pillow is one that is flexible enough to fold and double as a bolster while watching a program on the television or reading a book, as well as other purposes. Instead of pilling ordinary pillows all around you and under you trying to get yourself comfortable, try using a maternity pillow. They are built to help you stay comfortable during your pregnancy. With a maternity pillow you can maintain the sleeping position that is most comfortable for you and your baby, and also feel less of the aches and pains that come with pregnancy.



Some of these pillows are stuffed with foam, fiber, tiny pieces of cloth or buckwheat hull. When looking for one to buy, get one that is durable and guaranteed to last. These pillows are not only for pregnant women. Some people generally find it hard to sleep at night or get comfortable while trying to relax. These pillows will provide extra comfort for anybody who is finding it hard to get comfortable whether during the night or during the day. However, the full bodied pillow can get a bit hot when the temperature is warm.



Read the labels before you purchase one. Get a pillow that is hypo allergenic. Most pregnant women can’t stand odors and also get allergic reactions easily. Buy one that has covers that are removable so it will be easy to care for them. Since you are going to be using them every day it will get dirty or may develop an odor. When they get dirty, with a removable cover all you have to do is simply take it off and wash, dry and put it back on.

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