How to choose best long range baby monitor?

Setting out to choose a baby monitor often fills new parents with a sense of excitement and expectation. However, those feelings quickly change into confusion, frustration and even one of dread if they can’t decide and have to go back out to look. There are some things to consider when choosing the best long range baby monitor.


The first factor to consider is what type of baby monitor do the parents want. There are many different kinds but for the purposes of this article, let’s look at three, sound, video and movement. The reason for the monitor should also be evaluated in order to make a more informed decision.


Sound monitors are perhaps the best if the monitor is to be used while the parents are sleeping. A sound will wake the sleeping parents and prompt them to attend to the now awake baby.


Video monitors are great for stay at home parents (mom or dad) that work from home. They can be in their home office and working while keeping an eye on the video screen to ensure that the baby is still sleeping.


Movement monitors can be helpful during the day as well. There are two types of movement monitors Ones that will alert the mom or dad when the baby makes a more intense movement than that of sleep. The major drawback to this type of monitor is that it only works best for pre-crawlers. Once a baby has reached the stage of being able to turn over and /or crawl, the extra movement often is present in their sleep as well. The other type of movement monitor is the opposite. It detects when the baby stops the tiny movements normally found in their sleep patterns. If this movement stops for more than a few minutes an alarm sounds. This has been especially comforting to parents who worry about SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) or any other condition affecting babies. However, it is with caution a parent should buy a monitor for this reason. No authorized regulating body can certify that any movement monitor has reduced or prevented even a single case of SIDS.


Most professionals (Doctors, psychiatrists, nannies, etc) all recommend that if choosing a movement or video monitor it is best to choose one that is a combo that includes sound.


The next factor to consider in choosing a baby monitor is the size of the home. The best long range baby monitor will be that monitor which suits that particular home. Homes are getting larger and it is helpful to know the square footage that is needed from baby’s room to the location of the reciever of the monitor. Unfortunately, the footage that most of the monitors claim to cover is not always accurate. The reason for this is that the monitor is tested in an open field test. That means nothing in its way. However, in your home, there will be walls, doors, even other electronic devices. It is suggested that a longer than needed range is the one that is purchased or check to see if it says indoor range. Often times there are interference factors that cannot be accounted for. This will affect that clarity and sometimes even the operation of the monitor. If it all possible a walk through of your home while checking the monitor and check for other electronic devices that would affect the sound quality of the monitor chosen and if possible move them. Also the farther the parent unit is moved from the baby unit can also reduce the clarity of the monitor.


Another decision to make is to decide whether one parent unit or two parent units are preferred. Many parents choose the one unit. They place the power supply base in the location where they will use it most often (usually their bedroom) and they will take the unit around the house with them. This is alright in the beginning when the battery life is good and it will last a long time. However, after several months (like most electronics) the battery life will start to diminish and will not last quite as long. The alternative option is the two parent units, where one unit will be placed in the bedroom and another in the alternate room like the kitchen or home office.


Only buy a long range baby monitor from a store that allows returns. Keep the receipt and test the monitor immediately when arriving at home. All electronic devices should be turned on and the monitor should be tested at night when the neighbors are home running all their devices just in case it picks up any unwanted interference. If any interference happens return the unit in it’s original packaging to the store. Also if the chosen monitor does not perform in the way the packaging says it should return it to the store.


Also for the baby’s safety, be sure the cord to the unit is not within reach of the baby. This will help to avoid strangulation.


When selecting the best long range baby monitor, be sure not to rush. Read the packages side by side and be sure to test the monitor, once one has been chosen. After all, the reason a monitor is desired in the first place is to keep baby safe, so take the time to compare and do the research. Safety is never worth rushing.


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