Best Bottle For Breastfed Baby 2016

Even for those babies who are well into being breastfed, the use of a bottle can be a highly important thing in a babies life time. Whether you are looking for the dad to be able to bond with his baby as well, or you are looking to go back to work and can not be with your baby to breastfeed, or you are looking to be able to have a nice evening out on the town and have a bit of fun, a bottle for a breastfeeding child can be a mother’s absolutely best of friends. However, as many mothers and professionals will tell anyone, a breastfed baby transitioning to a bottle can be an incredibly and long lasting process for the baby. There are some babies that will take fairly easily to a bottle, however, there are a few others who decide that a bottle is not what they are wanting. Sometimes the very secret and key to the success is lying within the bottle itself. Although, it is almost always going to be difficult on finding the perfect bottle that your baby will want, therefore, you may have to purchase and try out many different brands to find and identify the one specific bottle that your precious little one will be willing to take and feed from. There are some things you can look for that will be a definite for the very first time you try. There are many bottles on the market that many mothers have found to be a complete success for their baby and are wanting to make sure that other mother’s can find the same satisfaction for themselves and their child that will make the entire transition from breast to bottle and very easy and smooth one. So, let’s take a look at the bottles that most mom’s have found to be the best choice when looking for a switch for your sweet baby.


Comotomo Natural Feel


The Comotomo Natural Feel bottle is made with an incredibly unique design because it is made of silicone, which gives it that natural feel to it so that your baby can find the comfort he or she needs when feeding from it. The entire idea of using the silicone nipple, is to almost trick the baby into believe that they are actually feeding from the breast instead of a bottle. The teat of the bottle is very wide and incredibly soft so that the baby will keep to the bottle the same way it would a breast. This bottle is very good for newborns as well as older babies. Since the entire bottle is made of this silicone material, it allows for the older babies to squash the bottle just like they would do if they were feeding at the breast so that they will feel comfort when feeding from this bottle. The teat of the bottle comes with a slow flow, therefore, allowing the child have control over the milk intake for itself, and to also prevent leaks. Mothers who breastfeed exclusively love these Comotomo Natural bottles because it is incredibly easy for the baby to transition incredibly well from the breast to this bottle. It is also unique in that you can go from breast to bottle and back to your breast without any confusion for your baby. This is one of the highest recommended bottles with one of the best ratings for a mother and child who are breastfeeding.


Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow


Most people have heard of Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow bottles, because these bottles are so popular and sold from all over the world. It is one of the most talked about brands in bottles and bottle feeding for babies, and they come very highly recommended by the mother’s who use these bottles on an every day basis. The recommendations from them are so high because these bottle’s do actually work wonderfully. If your baby is getting colic and quite a bit of wind from the bottle’s you are using, then these bottles are definitely the choice you should make. These bottle’s have an internal vent for any air to be able to escape from them, and this is why they are called the vacuum free bottle’. This means, of course, that there will be less likely any kind of air to get trapped in your baby’s tummy and preventing too much gas build up for upset tummies. The only recommendation for breastfed babies is to use the size 0 nipple to be able to maximize the milk control for your baby. There are many moms who seem to be a bit put off by these bottles because the assembly of them is long and the have a lot of parts that go with them. Therefore, washing these bottles will take extra time to clean, however, think of how happy your baby will be without having any excess wind trapped in their belly.


Born Free Premium


Born Free Range is a wonderful alternative, if you are worried about using any kind of plastic when feeding your sweet little one. The bottles are made of glass, therefore, making them incredibly easy to clean. They have said that if the Dr. Brown’s bottles aren’t working for you, then the Born Free Premium bottles are the choice for a mother to make. They come equipped with a leak free vent, therefore, allowing your baby to control the milk flow to his or her comfort. This will also help with nipple confusion with your baby. This will allow you to switch easily and smoothly from the breast to the nipple, without your baby having any huge issues with the transition.


Lansinoh Momma NaturalWave


If you have a picky baby who is only willing to take a soft and shorter teat, then the Lansinoh NaturalWave is the bottle choice for your baby to be completely satisfied with. These bottles are fantastic and are highly recommended by mothers, who are exclusively breastfeeding, to be able to return to work without any worries. The design of these bottles keeps the nipple from collapsing inside of the babies mouth, and they are incredibly soft nipples for your baby to take comfort in. These bottles are vented for air flow so that the baby will not be suffering from any colic. These Lansinoh NaturalWave bottles are on the same level as the Dr. Brown bottles, therefore, if you want your baby to receive the same effect as them then it is prudent to purchase these NaturalWave bottles, they are almost identical to the Dr. Browns bottles, but they are much easier to clean, making the process an even easier and stress free one.


First Years BreastFlow


The entire concept that encircles around the breast flow bottles is to try and mimic the very act of breastfeeding in itself. The ‘double nipple’ concept is so that the baby has to suck hard, therefore, compressing the teat to stimulate the milk flow into the baby’s mouth. This will make it a bit harder for the baby so that they have to work at getting the milk to come out, which would make them feel as if they are suckling on a real breast to eat, and this causes any confusion during the bottle feeding. However, the ratings are more of a hit or miss, because mothers love the fact that these bottles are very similar to the breasts, but found it difficult to produce the milk out of the bottle because of the double nipple, causing the milk to become stuck in between the two, therefore, making it difficult to clean as well.


Medela Calma


The Medela brand of bottles is just like the Dyson when it comes to the breastfeeding world. The result of the Calma teat is for the breastfeeding research on teats. This type of teat, however, helps the baby to create a vacuum seal between the teat itself and their mouth. Therefore, only then when they do this, will the milk flow through the nipple. This is a highly beneficial aspect of this nipple, since it allows for the baby to stop and be able to have a breather just like they would be doing if they were breastfeeding. This type of design prevents the nipple from leaking too easily, and causes the baby to constantly work at suckling instead of becoming lazy when they transition back to a breast. The only issue that was stated about these bottles was that the nipples are only made in one size, therefore, causing it to be too large for the mouths of some babies and then had to search for a smaller teat from a different bottle brand to make sure that the nipple fit their baby’s mouth properly.


Playtex Premium Nurser


If you are looking for a very easy and simple way to feed your baby expressed milk, than it would be fair to say that to find exactly what you are looking for will be found in the Playtex Premium Nurser. The bottle has a drop in liner systems, which helps in a great way for mom when it comes to cleaning bottles. It is so easy to use these bottles because you can simply pump your breast milk inside of the liner itself, then you can even freeze them, and then pop them right into the bottle whenever it is time to feed the baby. So easy, yet so efficient. As the baby takes in the milk, the liner will collapse around it, making it to where there is no more excess air for the baby to take in. The nipple is designed to go with the basic sucking of a baby’s mouth, and without the excess air, you will not have to worry about an upset belly or colic for your baby. If you are looking for the top and highest ranking bottle on the market, then the Playtex Premium Nurser is the bottle for you. They are at a very reasonable price, yet you will have to continue to buy the liners when needed, so that can cost some extra money there in that aspect of these bottles. Most moms will say, however, that the convenience of these bottles are absolutely worth the expense for the liners.


MAM Anti-Colic


The MAM Anti-Colic bottles are a wonderful choice to make for a mom who has a baby that is constantly fussy from colic. There have been many mothers who have tried the other brands of bottles and have decided that these bottles are the best one’s to purchase for your little one. Most of the vented bottles on the market are designed with a hole in the top for the baby to feed, however, the anti-colic bottles are designed with the vent at the base of the bottle so that the air escapes from the base end of the bottle. Cleaning and sanitizing these bottles are so incredibly easy and beneficial for mothers since you just simply fill the bottom of the base with water and pop it in the microwave for a few minutes and you are completely done with the sanitizing part of washing bottles. These bottles are one of the highest ranking bottles on the market for breastfeeding mothers to make sure that their baby are getting the cleanest way to eat just like the baby would when feeding from the breast of their mother.


Kiinde Squeeze


There is a brand new concept to bottles in the world and these are the Kiinde Squeeze pouch feeding bottles. They are incredibly similar to the Playtex bottles since you have the ability to pump your breast milk directly into the pouch, then have the ability to use them right away or even store them until you are ready to feed your baby. The excess air is limited for the baby because these pouches collapse as the milk is sucked out through the nipple. The teat is then very easily applied to the pouch and is also designed to prevent the baby from becoming lazy when feeding at the breast again. The baby has to suck hard and work at receiving the milk so that they feel as if they are feeding directly from the breast as well. Another very highly rated bottle feeding system on the market that is popular amongst breast feeding mothers.


Munchkin Latch


Now we will talk about the last bottle systems that mothers find very effective and that is the Munchkin Latch bottles. These bottles are specifically designed in an ‘accordion’ type nipple, so that they have the ability to feel like the flexibility of your own nipples and the baby can feed from them comfortably. These types of nipples are a great design for the babies out there who are not comfortable in using a long nipple, but who also may struggle to get the nipple into their mouth. It is designed so that the milk is not released unless the baby puts pressure on the bottom of the nipple, exactly like they would do when they are breast feeding on a mothers breast. It is also designed with an anti-colic valve at the base of these bottles so that it can prevent any excess air from getting into the little one’s tummy. Therefore, these are a great choice if a baby suffers from a lot of colic and gas. Mothers recommend this style of bottles because of the slow flow of milk that allows the baby to control the intake of milk so that they can have a breather in between suckling. They are made to prevent leaks, so if you are looking for a bottle that does not dribble and cause a leaking mess, then these Munchkin Latch bottles are an option that you should consider.




Therefore, when you are looking for a bottle that will help your baby to receive less air causing for them to develop less colic, be able to transition back and forth between bottle and breast, easy to clean, and for your child to be comfortable and satisfied with their feeding with these bottles, then choosing one of the popular brands will more than likely be the right choice for you to make. Breastfeeding a baby who can be extremely picky with the way they eat or even a baby who is only wanting to feed off of the breast and we all know that sometimes mothers can not be there 100% of the time to do so, then choosing the brand of bottle that is right for your child is incredibly important. Research these bottles out and find out which one would be beneficial for you and your child, and make your both feel comfortable with the entire transitioning process from breast to bottle. It is important that your baby does not become stressed and overwhelmed when in the process of switching to a bottle, so it is crucial to make sure that they are happy, satisfied, and comfortable with the bottle they will be using. You will want to make this experience a smooth and easy process by choosing what works the best for you and your child.

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