Best Bottle For Breastfed Baby 2016

Even for those babies who are well into being breastfed, the use of a bottle can be a highly important thing in a babies life time. Whether you are looking for the dad to be able to bond with his baby as well, or you are looking to go back to work and can not be with your baby to breastfeed, or you are looking to be able to have a nice evening out on the town and have a bit of fun, a bottle for a breastfeeding child can be a mother’s absolutely best of friends. However, as many mothers and professionals will tell anyone, a breastfed baby transitioning to a bottle can be an incredibly and long lasting process for the baby. There are some babies that will take fairly easily to a bottle, however, there are a few others who decide that a bottle is not what they are wanting. Sometimes the very secret and key to the success is lying within the bottle itself. Although, it is almost always going to be difficult on finding the perfect bottle that your baby will want, therefore, you may have to purchase and try out many different brands to find and identify the one specific bottle that your precious little one will be willing to take and feed from. There are some things you can look for that will be a definite for the very first time you try. There are many bottles on the market that many mothers have found to be a complete success for their baby and are wanting to make sure that other mother’s can find the same satisfaction for themselves and their child that will make the entire transition from breast to bottle and very easy and smooth one. So, let’s take a look at the bottles that most mom’s have found to be the best choice when looking for a switch for your sweet baby.


Comotomo Natural Feel


The Comotomo Natural Feel bottle is made with an incredibly unique design because it is made of silicone, which gives it that natural feel to it so that your baby can find the comfort he or she needs when feeding from it. The entire idea of using the silicone nipple, is to almost trick the baby into believe that they are actually feeding from the breast instead of a bottle. The teat of the bottle is very wide and incredibly soft so that the baby will keep to the bottle the same way it would a breast. This bottle is very good for newborns as well as older babies. Since the entire bottle is made of this silicone material, it allows for the older babies to squash the bottle just like they would do if they were feeding at the breast so that they will feel comfort when feeding from this bottle. The teat of the bottle comes with a slow flow, therefore, allowing the child have control over the milk intake for itself, and to also prevent leaks. Mothers who breastfeed exclusively love these Comotomo Natural bottles because it is incredibly easy for the baby to transition incredibly well from the breast to this bottle. It is also unique in that you can go from breast to bottle and back to your breast without any confusion for your baby. This is one of the highest recommended bottles with one of the best ratings for a mother and child who are breastfeeding.


Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow


Most people have heard of Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow bottles, because these bottles are so popular and sold from all over the world. It is one of the most talked about brands in bottles and bottle feeding for babies, and they come very highly recommended by the mother’s who use these bottles on an every day basis. The recommendations from them are so high because these bottle’s do actually work wonderfully. If your baby is getting colic and quite a bit of wind from the bottle’s you are using, then these bottles are definitely the choice you should make. These bottle’s have an internal vent for any air to be able to escape from them, and this is why they are called the vacuum free bottle’. This means, of course, that there will be less likely any kind of air to get trapped in your baby’s tummy and preventing too much gas build up for upset tummies. The only recommendation for breastfed babies is to use the size 0 nipple to be able to maximize the milk control for your baby. There are many moms who seem to be a bit put off by these bottles because the assembly of them is long and the have a lot of parts that go with them. Therefore, washing these bottles will take extra time to clean, however, think of how happy your baby will be without having any excess wind trapped in their belly.


Born Free Premium


Born Free Range is a wonderful alternative, if you are worried about using any kind of plastic when feeding your sweet little one. The bottles are made of glass, therefore, making them incredibly easy to clean. They have said that if the Dr. Brown’s bottles aren’t working for you, then the Born Free Premium bottles are the choice for a mother to make. They come equipped with a leak free vent, therefore, allowing your baby to control the milk flow to his or her comfort. This will also help with nipple confusion with your baby. This will allow you to switch easily and smoothly from the breast to the nipple, without your baby having any huge issues with the transition.


Lansinoh Momma NaturalWave


If you have a picky baby who is only willing to take a soft and shorter teat, then the Lansinoh NaturalWave is the bottle choice for your baby to be completely satisfied with. These bottles are fantastic and are highly recommended by mothers, who are exclusively breastfeeding, to be able to return to work without any worries. The design of these bottles keeps the nipple from collapsing inside of the babies mouth, and they are incredibly soft nipples for your baby to take comfort in. These bottles are vented for air flow so that the baby will not be suffering from any colic. These Lansinoh NaturalWave bottles are on the same level as the Dr. Brown bottles, therefore, if you want your baby to receive the same effect as them then it is prudent to purchase these NaturalWave bottles, they are almost identical to the Dr. Browns bottles, but they are much easier to clean, making the process an even easier and stress free one.


First Years BreastFlow


The entire concept that encircles around the breast flow bottles is to try and mimic the very act of breastfeeding in itself. The ‘double nipple’ concept is so that the baby has to suck hard, therefore, compressing the teat to stimulate the milk flow into the baby’s mouth. This will make it a bit harder for the baby so that they have to work at getting the milk to come out, which would make them feel as if they are suckling on a real breast to eat, and this causes any confusion during the bottle feeding. However, the ratings are more of a hit or miss, because mothers love the fact that these bottles are very similar to the breasts, but found it difficult to produce the milk out of the bottle because of the double nipple, causing the milk to become stuck in between the two, therefore, making it difficult to clean as well.


Medela Calma


The Medela brand of bottles is just like the Dyson when it comes to the breastfeeding world. The result of the Calma teat is for the breastfeeding research on teats. This type of teat, however, helps the baby to create a vacuum seal between the teat itself and their mouth. Therefore, only then when they do this, will the milk flow through the nipple. This is a highly beneficial aspect of this nipple, since it allows for the baby to stop and be able to have a breather just like they would be doing if they were breastfeeding. This type of design prevents the nipple from leaking too easily, and causes the baby to constantly work at suckling instead of becoming lazy when they transition back to a breast. The only issue that was stated about these bottles was that the nipples are only made in one size, therefore, causing it to be too large for the mouths of some babies and then had to search for a smaller teat from a different bottle brand to make sure that the nipple fit their baby’s mouth properly.


Playtex Premium Nurser


If you are looking for a very easy and simple way to feed your baby expressed milk, than it would be fair to say that to find exactly what you are looking for will be found in the Playtex Premium Nurser. The bottle has a drop in liner systems, which helps in a great way for mom when it comes to cleaning bottles. It is so easy to use these bottles because you can simply pump your breast milk inside of the liner itself, then you can even freeze them, and then pop them right into the bottle whenever it is time to feed the baby. So easy, yet so efficient. As the baby takes in the milk, the liner will collapse around it, making it to where there is no more excess air for the baby to take in. The nipple is designed to go with the basic sucking of a baby’s mouth, and without the excess air, you will not have to worry about an upset belly or colic for your baby. If you are looking for the top and highest ranking bottle on the market, then the Playtex Premium Nurser is the bottle for you. They are at a very reasonable price, yet you will have to continue to buy the liners when needed, so that can cost some extra money there in that aspect of these bottles. Most moms will say, however, that the convenience of these bottles are absolutely worth the expense for the liners.


MAM Anti-Colic


The MAM Anti-Colic bottles are a wonderful choice to make for a mom who has a baby that is constantly fussy from colic. There have been many mothers who have tried the other brands of bottles and have decided that these bottles are the best one’s to purchase for your little one. Most of the vented bottles on the market are designed with a hole in the top for the baby to feed, however, the anti-colic bottles are designed with the vent at the base of the bottle so that the air escapes from the base end of the bottle. Cleaning and sanitizing these bottles are so incredibly easy and beneficial for mothers since you just simply fill the bottom of the base with water and pop it in the microwave for a few minutes and you are completely done with the sanitizing part of washing bottles. These bottles are one of the highest ranking bottles on the market for breastfeeding mothers to make sure that their baby are getting the cleanest way to eat just like the baby would when feeding from the breast of their mother.


Kiinde Squeeze


There is a brand new concept to bottles in the world and these are the Kiinde Squeeze pouch feeding bottles. They are incredibly similar to the Playtex bottles since you have the ability to pump your breast milk directly into the pouch, then have the ability to use them right away or even store them until you are ready to feed your baby. The excess air is limited for the baby because these pouches collapse as the milk is sucked out through the nipple. The teat is then very easily applied to the pouch and is also designed to prevent the baby from becoming lazy when feeding at the breast again. The baby has to suck hard and work at receiving the milk so that they feel as if they are feeding directly from the breast as well. Another very highly rated bottle feeding system on the market that is popular amongst breast feeding mothers.


Munchkin Latch


Now we will talk about the last bottle systems that mothers find very effective and that is the Munchkin Latch bottles. These bottles are specifically designed in an ‘accordion’ type nipple, so that they have the ability to feel like the flexibility of your own nipples and the baby can feed from them comfortably. These types of nipples are a great design for the babies out there who are not comfortable in using a long nipple, but who also may struggle to get the nipple into their mouth. It is designed so that the milk is not released unless the baby puts pressure on the bottom of the nipple, exactly like they would do when they are breast feeding on a mothers breast. It is also designed with an anti-colic valve at the base of these bottles so that it can prevent any excess air from getting into the little one’s tummy. Therefore, these are a great choice if a baby suffers from a lot of colic and gas. Mothers recommend this style of bottles because of the slow flow of milk that allows the baby to control the intake of milk so that they can have a breather in between suckling. They are made to prevent leaks, so if you are looking for a bottle that does not dribble and cause a leaking mess, then these Munchkin Latch bottles are an option that you should consider.




Therefore, when you are looking for a bottle that will help your baby to receive less air causing for them to develop less colic, be able to transition back and forth between bottle and breast, easy to clean, and for your child to be comfortable and satisfied with their feeding with these bottles, then choosing one of the popular brands will more than likely be the right choice for you to make. Breastfeeding a baby who can be extremely picky with the way they eat or even a baby who is only wanting to feed off of the breast and we all know that sometimes mothers can not be there 100% of the time to do so, then choosing the brand of bottle that is right for your child is incredibly important. Research these bottles out and find out which one would be beneficial for you and your child, and make your both feel comfortable with the entire transitioning process from breast to bottle. It is important that your baby does not become stressed and overwhelmed when in the process of switching to a bottle, so it is crucial to make sure that they are happy, satisfied, and comfortable with the bottle they will be using. You will want to make this experience a smooth and easy process by choosing what works the best for you and your child.

Choosing the Best Maternity Pillow

Pregnant women generally find it difficult to get comfortable. Pregnancy comes with a lot of pain in different parts of the body as well as discomfort. Whether you are sleeping or sitting and watching television, or simply reading a book, it can be very uncomfortable when you don’t have any form of support. When the pregnancy is in its 3rd trimester, and the tummy is big in size, pregnant women begin to experience pains in different parts of their bodies which make it hard to get comfortable.



When you are heavily pregnant you are advised to lie on your left side all the time; whether you are sleeping or just relaxing. When only one sleeping position is recommended, being comfortable is difficult. However, using a maternity pillow can ease the pain and also help you relax when lying down or sitting. It’s highly recommended for sleeping too. There are different types of maternity pillows. They come in different shapes and sizes. The best maternity pillow is the full body maternity pillow which is also known as the J shaped.



The different types of maternity pillows are called the “J”, the “U” and the “C” shaped pillows. They serve different purposes for pregnant women who have different sleeping position problems. These pillows are designed to create comfort when used for sleeping, lying down, reading a book, watching tv, and the list goes on. Pregnant women are always complaining about one discomfort or the other, find the best pregnancy pillow for you and ease the aspect of stress and being unable to relax.



U shaped pillows

The u shaped pillows have two long sides. They provide support for mums on both sides while they are sleeping. The good thing about it is that it is the best pregnancy pillow for moms who turn from side to side while sleeping. This is because they don’t have to move the pillow; it provides comfort on both sides at ones. The u shaped pillow will encircle your body, and support your aching back, tired legs, tummy, arms and stiff necks.



C shaped pillow

The “C” shaped Pillows are mostly used to support the back, neck, leg and hip. Unlike the U shaped pillow, this one does not encircle the mum. It just goes half way. Only enough to protect the back leaving the front open. With this C shaped pillow the temperature is controlled and, it is easy to switch it from side to side, under the leg, back of the neck, and any other part of the body that needs extra comfort.



J shaped pillow

This pillow is regarded by many as the best pregnancy pillow because it is the most flexible of the three. It’s also called the Full Body Pillow. The pillow bends into a “C” pillow or a “U”pillow. It can crawl into any position that will give you adequate comfort. In-between the thighs, under your bump, over your arm, etc. It can be used to support the legs, hips, back, neck, tummy and it is easy to maneuver. It has a long arm and a short hook. Mums will get their desired comfort when they try this, and this pillow provides support for your entire body.


When buying a pregnancy pillow it is important to consider how comfortable it should be, it should be;

l durable

l affordable and

l Must be flexible.



The flexibility is an important aspect of the pillow. The best pregnancy pillow is one that is flexible enough to fold and double as a bolster while watching a program on the television or reading a book, as well as other purposes. Instead of pilling ordinary pillows all around you and under you trying to get yourself comfortable, try using a maternity pillow. They are built to help you stay comfortable during your pregnancy. With a maternity pillow you can maintain the sleeping position that is most comfortable for you and your baby, and also feel less of the aches and pains that come with pregnancy.



Some of these pillows are stuffed with foam, fiber, tiny pieces of cloth or buckwheat hull. When looking for one to buy, get one that is durable and guaranteed to last. These pillows are not only for pregnant women. Some people generally find it hard to sleep at night or get comfortable while trying to relax. These pillows will provide extra comfort for anybody who is finding it hard to get comfortable whether during the night or during the day. However, the full bodied pillow can get a bit hot when the temperature is warm.



Read the labels before you purchase one. Get a pillow that is hypo allergenic. Most pregnant women can’t stand odors and also get allergic reactions easily. Buy one that has covers that are removable so it will be easy to care for them. Since you are going to be using them every day it will get dirty or may develop an odor. When they get dirty, with a removable cover all you have to do is simply take it off and wash, dry and put it back on.

Best Crib Mattresses 2016

Choosing the best mattress for you little bundle of joy might seem like a boring task but it’s one that requires careful consideration. A good mattress will not only be the resting point for your little one, it will also offer the support a child needs for his/ her growing bones for the next three or so years. The best crib mattresses should also be safe for the baby. Babies require different mattresses than an older child or adult might. A baby’s mattress should be firm because a soft mattress might be hazardous to the child. A soft mattress that sinks can suffocate a baby while sleeping. This is why choosing the best crib mattress for your child is of utter most importance.

Another key thing to consider is how resilient a mattress is. Sleeping infants do not change their positions until a parent turns them. When a child is growing older, they will leave an imprint on the mattress and it can be very difficult for them to change position if the mattress does not have a fast recovery time. To test this, simply push your hand down into the mattress and then remove it. Does the mattress regain its original shape quickly or slowly? A mattress with a faster recovery time is just what you need for your baby.

Other factors to consider are the cost, the comfort, and the durability. To better understand which mattress best suits your needs; let us first look at the types of crib mattresses there are in the current market.

Types of crib mattresses

1. Foam mattresses

These types of crib mattresses are available in a variety of thickness, but usually range between 3 and 6 inches. Foam mattresses are very light and the prices are affordable. When in search of the perfect crib mattress, density is of key importance. Be in the lookout for mattresses that have a high density. Some of the better quality foam mattresses have a high density.

In case the product description does not offer any information regarding the density of the mattress, you can always weigh the mattress. A heavy foam mattress has a high density. A typical foam mattress weights in at around 7 to 8 pounds. Foam mattresses made from memory foam – polyurethane, can weigh in at a whooping 20 pounds. This means that the mattresses are extremely dense. However, do not rush into buying a 20 pound mattress without factoring in that you will be the one struggling with the extra heavy mattress when it is time to change the baby’s sheets (which occurs a lot).

2. Innerspring mattresses

These mattresses are on the higher price range. The firmness of an innerspring mattress can be determined by the number of coils the manufacturers inserted into the mattress. However, this is not the only thing to consider. The number of turns per coil and the gauge of the wire are also very important. A mattress with lower gauge (15 or lower) and a lot of coils (135 coils or higher) means that the mattress is very strong and firm.

3. Organic mattresses

There is a high demand in mattresses made from all natural or organic material – cotton or wool. The organic mattresses offer both foam and innerspring options to the buyers. These mattresses are become more popular by the day because they do not use any chemicals and industrial components that could harm your baby. These mattresses are very expensive but can one really put a price on safety? To ensure that the organic mattress really is all-natural without any chemicals, look for an Oeko-Tex standard 100 certification. This certification guarantees that no certain PBDEs and heavy metals were used in the production of the mattress.

Never purchase an air mattress for your baby. They are soft and can easily suffocate a baby while they are sleeping. Waterbeds and adult beds are also not designed for a baby. Steer clear of these types of mattresses and beds.

Be very cautious when you are purchasing a used crib mattress. If you are not sure about the previous storage of the crib mattress, do not purchase it. Improperly stored mattresses can be home to fungus, which is harmful to the next user. Unless the crib mattress had been stored in a clean area and was protected with a cover, just go and buy your baby a new mattress.

Key factors to consider
When buying the best crib mattress for your baby there are many factors that contribute to the process. They include:


The first thing to consider is your child’s crib size. Ensure the mattress you purchase will fit perfectly in the crib. Do not try stuffing an over-large mattress into the crib as this can be uncomfortable harmful to your growing baby. Measure your crib and ensure you carry the measurements with you when you go mattress shopping. By the States law, a full-sized crib mattress must be at least 27 ¼ inches by 51 5/8 inches and no more than 6 inches thick.


As stated earlier, a firm mattress is very vital for your child’s growing bones. Ensure the mattress is not too soft by applying the exercise mentioned in the above text. The firmer the mattress, the better it is for your baby. Some mattresses might feel too hard to us but rest assured your baby will be very comfortable.

Mattress Cover
The mattress cover should be water resistant. This ensures your mattress is more durable by being resistant to wet diapers, or tears. Keep an eye out for double or even triple laminated covers with reinforced nylon. As for organic mattresses, they come with a cotton cover.


Is the mattress allowing for a good air circulation within the mattress? Is there enough ventilation for fresh air? When looking for the best crib mattress, search for small vent holes on the side of the mattress. A mattress will good ventilation will let the mattress breath giving your baby fresh air to breath.


Is the mattress certified? Does it meet the safety requirements set by the CPSC and the American Society for Testing and Materials?


When deciding on a crib mattress, pick one that is pocket friendly yet meets the above requirements. Cost is a great determinant of the crib mattress that best suits your needs

Four easy ways to sterilize baby bottles

Your precious little angel is most vulnerable to illness and disease; it is especially so for the first year of their life. If the bottles for your baby are not sterilized, then you risk having bacteria build up. As a result, this would cause your child to fall ill. Therefore, identifying the best ways of how to sterilize baby bottles is an essential task that you will need to take on.


Fortunately for you, the sterilizing process of your baby’s bottle and the nipples is very straightforward. So why not read on and find out the different ways you can keep your baby feeding bottles sanitized. The following instructions can be used in all feeding equipment that you might be having; this is whether you are using expressed milk or the baby infant formula.


Important points to note


Just before, we answer the question on how to sterilize baby bottles, there a few things that you will need to remember. The first point is, you will need to ensure you clean the feeding bottle and teat, in hot soapy water. It should be as soon as you have finished feeding your baby. Additionally, ensure you have a clean brush to clean the bottle. The brush should only be used for cleaning your baby’s feeding equipment’s.


The next essential thing you would need to remember is to ensure you rinse all the equipment properly; it should be cold water just before you sanitize the equipment.


Brand new bottles also need to be sterilized, as it does not mean they are germ-free. Every time you purchase a new bottle or nipple, make sure to clean it properly using one of the methods that have been discussed below.


How to sterilize baby bottles


  1. The Cold water sterilizing solution


The sterilizing solution has adequate instructions given by the manufacturer; it is important that you follow the instructions they have shared. The sterilizing solution will need to be changed every 24 hours, to ensure your little one is adequately protected from germs. When sterilizing the bottles, you will need to leave the feeding equipment in the solution for about 30 minutes. Ensure there is no air trapped in the teat and bottle when you are putting them in the sterilizing solution. All the equipment should be kept in the solution using a floating cover.


  1. Microwave sterilizing


Using your microwave, you can quickly and efficiently sterilize your baby’s bottles. Before you start the sanitizing process, you will need to ensure that your microwave is clean; you could do a small scrub down. It will help in removing the food splatters that are found inside a microwave. There are two ways you can use the microwave in the sanitizing process.


The first easiest method is using a microwave as a steam sterilizer. The steam sterilizer is a big container that has been designed in a manner to accommodate your baby bottles. It works by directly heating the bottles, caps and nipples until they are thoroughly sanitized. All you will need to do is add water and toss it in the microwave.


The next method of sanitizing might not be as easy; it may require some careful balancing from you. After you have washed your bottles, as usual, place each container in the vertical direction in the microwave. You will need to microwave it for a minute and a half. To sterilize the rings and nipples, place them in a microwave safe bowl and fill with water, then microwave for a minute and a half.


  1. Sterilizing by boiling


The method will require you to have a large pan or pot with a lid. It is advisable that you avoid using this pan for anything other than sterilizing the bottles. Place the nipples and bottles in the pan and cover them completely with water. If the bottles you are using are plastic, you might need to use something to weigh them down, as they will float. You will also need to ensure no air is trapped inside the bottle and nipples. Cover the pan and boil this for about five minutes.


If you are going to use this method for sanitization, you will need to check the nipples for damage continuously. The reason being, boiling water has been known to destroy the baby bottle nipples quicker than other methods of sterilizing.


  1. Sterilizing using electric steamers


Any problem that you might encounter in the kitchen has an appliance that makes your life much easier. It is no different for sterilizing your baby’s bottles. All you need to do is just plug in the electric steamer and finish other errands in the house. You will only have to return once the bottles have been sterilized. Like the microwave method discussed, the electric steamer works by the use of high-temperature steam, to kill the bacteria and germs that are present in your baby nipples and bottles.


Some of the electric steamers that are present in the market will not only sanitize your baby’s feeding equipment but also deodorize and dry the equipment using hot air.


The above sanitizing method should aid in keeping the bottle germ free. Some additional must do’s to keep your child completely germ-free is, ensure the feeding equipment have been dried properly and separately. Keep them on a separate shelf and if possible try keep them in an airtight container once sterilized. Do not forget to wash your hands before touching the cleaned bottles.

Tips on Choosing the Best Nursery Rocking Chair

One of the most important things any mother expecting a baby needs to buy for the baby is a baby rocking chair. This is what mothers usually used to lull their babies, reading stories, singing songs, as well as feeding them. At the moment the babies start to arrive, these rocking chairs are considered as any mother’s nursing station and relaxing place.


You probably have been looking for the best nursing rocking chair for your baby and the amount of information available on the internet is really not helping out, you need not fret any more. Below are tips finding the best nursery rock chairs for your babies.


Types of Nursery Rocking Chairs

These rocking chairs come in several types, some of which are:


Wooden Rocking Chair: This refers to the nursery rocking chairs that are made of solid wood like the cherry, oak, pine, mahogany and male.


Upholstered Rocking: These are nursery rocking chairs made of thick foam and these foams are wrapped with soft cloth. They come in variety of colors so as to match your nursery room. They usually come with cushions and back pillows for ultimate comfort.


Rocking Chair with Footrest: These rockers have a footrest attached to it.



Features to look after when selecting the best nursery rocking chair

A combination of most of these features should be considered when purchasing this product.


Best Swivel

This characteristic goes a long way to make it easy to navigate with a sleeping baby. How much allowance is left for the connections allowing the chair to rotate horizontally is very essential.


Best Recliner

The characteristic is highly necessary as it helps you to get the most possible rest while nursing your baby. It goes a long way in providing you with the best possible back rest and some even go as far as including a head rest too.


Best Comfort

This is one of the most important features when it comes to the best nursery rocking chair to go for – no matter the rocker. As a nursing mother, this will be more valuable to you than most of the other features that any rocker will have. At those nursing moments, you need to be in a relaxed mode at all times.


Size and Space

This is especially for those expecting not just one child at a time. In that case, the size of the rocker will matter a lot. You do not want a situation where your babies are struggling for space.


Easy to clean

As much as possible you want to go for a rocking chair that does not get easily stained and as such does not involve a lot in keeping it clean or wiping stains off.


Rocking Motion

You want to make sure the rocking of the chair is so smooth and does not in any way jar. This way you are able to avoid noise to its barest minimum whenever you are rocking your baby and he/she finds it easier to sleep.


Before you finally go for a product, it is very important that you consider the comments made by users. This will help you get a taste of the life of the product. One of the best places you can find this is in the Amazon site.


Best Nursery Rocking Chair Review

Below are reviews of the best Nursing Rocking Chair, carefully selected. They are comfortable and stable and most of all, of high quality.


#1 Eddie Bauer Chair and Half Chair Space

This is one rocking chair considered ideal when it comes to space – if you are preparing twins or more. This way your babies don’t get to fight over space. This chair is high in size and therefore will allow for comfort in your nursing activity. It also features a high back, which will ensure that your back is well supported.


#2 Small Swivel Rocker and Ottoman


When it comes to comfort, this is it for you. With this rocker chair, you can’t help but grab your littles and snuggle up for story time. The need for this nursery chair is especially evident at that time you have a teething baby, say 3 a.m., and haven’t been able get a substantial amount of sleep for some time. At that point all you crave for is a comfortable rocking chair and not just one that matches your décor.


#3 Eames Style RAR Rocking Arm Lounge Chair


This is one rocking chair is considered as the easiest to clean – all it takes is just to wiping off. This is indeed a beautiful nursery rocking chair and high quality as well. Very simple to install and assembly.


#4 Dorel Asia Baby Relax Tinsley Rocker Chair

This is a traditional, upholstered rocking chair with a contemporary design twist. Its design features thickly padded backrest and seat cushions and two- tone welting for a crisp look and matching button-tufting of the back rest. This is an ideal choice for those looking for that quintessential baby rocker.



It is no easy task when it comes to keeping a baby calm. This is quite challenging, tiring and frustrating. Rocking chairs are a necessity for parent in their nursing period. This is one effective of calming down your little babies with the soothing effect produced by their gentle motion. For any parent, this is probably where you will be spending most of your time and as such lots of attention needs to be given to the purchase of this chair. From the above listed types and brands of the best nursing rocking chair, you can be guaranteed of comfort and quality.

The Best Jogging Strollers 2016

The world is full of busy parents carrying on with their every day hustle and bustle lives. When adding a daily routine of exercise to the list, it is not easy to fulfill this activity when having a child. Trying to juggle your daily life, plus exercise, and then adding on chasing around your toddler all day can become a bit overwhelming. Fitting in that morning jog is difficult since it is obvious that you can not carry a child while doing so. That is why the creation of jogging strollers came to be. They are able to help you in your daily work out, as well as bringing your child along for the ride. It is also beneficial since it allows them to enjoy the outdoors as well. Let’s take a look at what too look for in a jogging stroller, as well as looking for the best jogging strollers that are out there.

BOB Revolution SE Stroller

The Revolution SE stroller is perfect for any kind of sport or activity, since it has the latest innovational features. It comes with a revolutionary swiveling front wheel, or you are able to lock it in to place so that you can jog with a more increased stability or when the terrain you may be on ends up turning rough. It’s incredibly lightweight design allows it to be stored easily, it is easy to fold, and is very easy to access and unfold it so that you can take it wherever it is that life decides to move you to. It will ensure that the baby, or young child, with have a comfortable and smooth ride with the state of the art suspensions that comes equipped with this stroller. If your child is not older and in need of this much room, then the BOB stroller comes with an Accessory Adapter feature that allows you to secure an infant car seat in the stroller. This designer stroller is also available in a two seat choice, so if you have more than one child, you can make sure that the whole crew can tag along with you.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger

The Baby Trend Expedition Jogger is well known for its ability for all-terrain versatility and also known for its durability as well. Whether you are going for a jog around the block, going for a stroll through the mall for some shopping, or even when needing to walk over gravel or heavier terrain, this amazing Expedition Stroller will get you there with a great amount of ease and comfort. The wheel locks in the front so that you are able to take it when you are jogging or involved in a sport, or if you are just looking to use it on a daily basis. It is the perfect indoor and outdoor stroller, and a wonderful invention for those parents who are continuously on the go and busy. It also comes equipped with a snack tray for the parents and has two cup holders, so that you are able to enjoy your refreshments while making an adventure through the outdoors or indoors. It has comfortable cushions for the child, and it is also very easy to fold and store, as well as being incredibly easy to access and open it up. This stroller is a highly recommended product on the market.

Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Click Connect Travel System

The Graco first jogger is said to be the ultimate crossover stroller. It helps to combine the convenient and comfortable features of a tradition stroller, but also has the convenient features of maneuverability and performance of an all-terrain jogging stroller. This stroller is completely loaded with innovative features like the one-hand, one-second FastAction folding of the stroller which, therefore, brings the absolute ultimate convenience to the jogger who is handling this stroller. It has a click connect technology that allows for a one-step and secure connection for an infant car seat to be clipped into the stroller, adding another convenience for the jogger. It comes equipped with air-filled rubber tires, and also offers suspensions so that your child can enjoy a very comfortable and easy ride over normal or rough terrain.

Schwinn Turismo Swivel Single Jogger
The incredibly wide tires on this Schwinn Turismo Stroller, are ready to face even the toughest terrain imaginable. The front wheel is 12 inches and locks in a forward motion so that an added control and stability are maintained. The back wheels are 16 inches and are able to glide incredibly easy, and this also allows for the jogger to be able to push this stroller without much effort involved. Another incredible feature is that the stroller has a frame that is made out of aluminum, which makes the stroller easier to handle. A dual trigger folding mechanism is also installed in this stroller so that it offers a very great deal of safety to this Turismo Jogger. It has a car seat adapter, which means that it has the ability to lock in a multiple amount of different brand name car seats, and comes with a snack try for the jogger and the child, as well as the front wheel lock for stability over rough terrain as well. It is one of the best strollers to purchase, that is incredibly comfortable for the child, and being a very easy to push and use tool for the parent or jogger.

Thule Urban Glide

The Thule Urban Glide is another popular jogging stroller on the market, that many individuals are using. Like the others, it has amazing durability, and a locking front wheel so that it can handle the rough journey you and your child are on together. This stroller has one of the best storage covers to store whatever items you need to bring with you, and has an excellent canopy to shield your young one from the hot and blinding rays of the sun. It is very lightweight and very easy to use. It folds quickly and sufficiently, making it easy and safe for travels, and it unfolds with a smooth ease so that you are able to quickly access it whenever you are needing to use it. The Thule Urban glide has a large mesh pocket on the back of the seat, and it also has mesh pockets that can be found on the sides of the seat that are for the use of your child in the stroller. You will also be equipped with an infant car seat adapter to click in a car seat for a child younger than toddler age, it has a mesh cover and a rain cover, a snack tray for you and the child, and is an incredibly smooth and safe ride for your little one, whether you are facing the long walking and crowded halls of a shopping mall, or you are taking you both on a journey through the outdoors where you could possibly face rough grounds. This jogging stroller is a highly recommended choice. It has the ability to make your exercising, or daily excursions a success, while keeping you in a convenient glide and keeping your child safe, relaxed, and comfortable for the ride.

BOB Ironman

The BOB Ironman is a highly convenient choice in finding one of the best jogging strollers. It comes with deceleration brake, adjustable tracking and suspension, and a very large canopy to shield your child from the harsh sunlight. It also has a fixed wheel maneuverability, and also includes the large mesh pocket on the back of the stroller as well as on the sides of the stroller for the rider in the stroller. A travel bag is included with this jogging stroller and it has a single handed handle bar for the parent to easily use for pushing while enjoying their jog or run. This stroller was designed for the safety and comfort of your child, so that you can enjoy the outdoors and the beauty it brings, and knowing that you both are satisfied with the decision you have made when you purchase a BOB Ironman jogging stroller.

So, when you are in search for a stroller that can help you get through your daily chores and excursion shopping at stores and malls, running errands, paying bills, going for jogs around the street or even out in the country, and you are in need to bring your child with you, then it is prudent to invest in one of these best jogging strollers. Finding them online is easy, and making sure to look up the reviews on each of these items and also viewing exactly what they come equipped with, what beneficial features are included in the stroller, and finding out which jogging stroller best fits you and your child’s needs for your outdoor and indoor adventures, is important. You want to make sure that you find the best jogging stroller you can that will make the process of jogging and other things more easy and without as much hassle. Looking through this guide to the top rated best jogging strollers will help you make the beneficial and proper decision for you and you young one. One of these strollers will be able to fit the needs you require, and help you and your child be safe, comfortable, happy, and enjoying the scenery for many adventures to come.

Top 10 best first birthday outfits for girls and boys

A birthday is a special occasion for anybody in this world. It is more so for kids. However, the first birthday of a kid is a joyous occasion for the parents. The kid is too small to understand the enormity of the situation. Parents usually go to any extent to make this event a memorable one. They take care of every small detail to ensure that noting goes wrong on the occasion. The most important responsibility is the dressing up the kid on the occasion. We shall now have a brief write-up about how to dress a kid on its first birthday.

The top five best birthday outfits for girls:

  1. Mud Pie Baby-Girls I’m One Tutu Crawler:


This is a beautiful dress for a one-year-old girl. The dress, made from 100% cotton is an import from China. The dress says it all. The words “one” etched on the front makes it an apt birthday dress for a one-year child. This dress is pink in color and perfectly suits the baby. The gold glitter on the front appliqué along with the stylish neck makes it look attractive.


  1. Marlegard Baby Girls 3PC 1st Birthday Crown Tutu Dress Headband Shoes for 12M:


Your one-year old is a princess. This dress exemplifies the fact. Made from blend cotton and tulle, this is an exquisite dress for the first birthday. It has a nice 1st birthday crown pattern. The dress comes with a PC romper, a headband, and a pair of shoes too. This pink colored beauty is of Chinese make.


  1. Black and Gold 1st Birthday Onesie with Leg Warmers Knotted Headband:


Your one-year old cutie deserves the best in the world. This dress qualifies on that score. This beautiful black colored dress with the glitter gold heat-transfer vinyl embellishment makes it the perfect birthday dress for her. The three-piece set includes the leg warmers and the knotted headband. The bodysuit is made of 100% cotton.




  1. Mud Pie Baby Girl’s I’m 1 Tutu Set:


This beautiful two-piece dress is sure to make many heads turn during her first birthday party. The top is 100% cotton with the bottom 100% polyester. The set includes a cotton tank top and a multicolored chiffon bottom tutu. The number 1 on the tank says it all. This is her first birthday. This dress makes it all the more memorable. The pink accent around the collar makes it a perfect outfit for your little one.


  1. Cute Red Black Polka Dot 1st birthday Baby Girl Tutu Dress Outfits:


Baby girls love polka dots. This dress has them in plenty. The dress comes in a bright red color and enhances the appearance of your beautiful daughter manifold. The matching headband complements the dress beautifully. Your child will have a whale of a time wearing this outfit on her special day.


The top five best birthday outfit for boys:

We have seen five exquisite dresses for the girl child. We shall do the same for the hero of the house now. Boys are different from girls. Their dresses should be too. Let us go through the top five birthday outfits for your son.


  1. SOPO Baby Boys Formal Paid 3 Piece Outfit (Jacket, T Shirts, Jeans) Gray 18m


This is a full 3-piece set inclusive of a jacket, T-shirt, and denim jeans. Made from 100% cotton this is an all-season wear. The full-sleeve jacket lends a casual air to the festive surroundings. This beautiful birthday suit comes from China. Hence, it is advisable to use the size chart before ordering your dress.


  1. Noah’s Boytique Baby Boys 1st Birthday Bodysuit with Bow Tie:


This super quality bodysuit is made of 100% cotton. You can interchange the accessories as and when you wish. You can add more if you so desire. The vests, bows, ties, and suspenders are available individually too. You can create your own custom outfit with them. Since the accessories are removable, they are easily washable. This hand-assembled dress is fully indigenous. The number 1 on the dress is removable. You can substitute with any other number. This dress is perfect for any theme.


  1. Tommy Hilfiger Baby Boys’ Prep Check Poplin Shirt with Flat Front Short:


This checked full-sleeved shirt looks awesome on your hero. The flat front shorts aptly complement the checked shirt. Made from 70% cotton and 30% polyester, this dress is compatible with machine wash. This indigenously made dress is sure to light up the special day in your young one’s life. The bowtie extends an executive look to the dress. The shirt is compatible with dark colored pants too. The beauty of the two-piece dress is that you need not stick to one combination alone.


  1. Inktastic Little Boys’ Pirate 1st Birthday Toddler T-Shirt:


This beautiful T-shirt comes in various colors. You can choose the apt one for your adorable kid. The number 1 etched right at the center of the T-Shirt emphasizes the fact that he is the No 1 attraction on his special day. Made of 100% combed ring spun cotton, this top stitched crewneck T-Shirt is an exquisite piece. The double-needle stitched sleeves and bottom hem makes it a durable one. As the name itself suggests, the dress is a steal at the offer price. This indigenously made dress is the favorite of many a parent.


  1. Styles I Love Baby Boy T-Shirt, Suspender Straps and Pants 3-pc:


This three-piece suit gives a regal look to the little fellow. You have the option to use suspender straps if required. However, they add a lot of aestheticism to the outfit. Made for a cotton blend, this outfit is available in navy blue and gray colors. The T-shirt is a perfect complement of the pants. You can wash this outfit with hand as well as in the machine. Your son would love to strut around in this birthday dress.


We have seen about ten exquisite outfits for your one year old. Choose the one you like and have a great time with your bundle of joy.

Best baby swings and bouncers 2016

So congratulations! You have or are about to have a little bundle of joy. Now you get to experience the joys of that moment when all baby wants to do is to be moved or carried and all you want to do is sit down. Some moms complain that every time they put baby down, they cry and they still have other things to do. This is where that perfect baby bouncer or swing comes in mighty handy. Baby will still be moving and entertained but you can either do the dishes or just take a break and sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee. There are so many bouncers and swings out there, how do you choose the right one that will fit your baby’s exact needs? This is what hopefully this article will help you with. Let’s look at three different bouncers and three different swings. The ways that they are compared with here should fit any swing or bouncer you choose to look at although these particular baby swings and bouncers have been put on the top of the best swings and bouncers list. Each one of these items has different features and abilities so read the descriptions carefully before making your final decisions. Relax, this is supposed to be fun. So take a deep breath and read on! Off to the world of baby swings and bouncers.



First, let’s take a look at baby swings. There are several different baby swings on the market with many different features. Swings are no longer the hand winding swing of yesterday. There was no music, no sound bar, just a crank handle that someone had to hurry and crank before the baby woke up. There was no toybar and cleaning the fabric on the seat? Well let’s just say some moms got really creative. The three in this article will be the My Little Lamb Cradle and Swing, Cozy Kingdom, and MamaRoo.


My Little Lamb Cradle and Swing

First let’s look at the My Little Lamb Cradle and Swing. The first feature that is very attractive to active parents is that this swing is portable. It can operate on either an ac power adapter or on batteries. It also has two different swing motions. The seat can be rotated so that the baby either swings side to side or back and forth. The seat also reclines into two different positions to allow for baby’s comfort. It has a motorized mobile that will capture your baby’s attention and delight. The globe of the mobile is mirrored so that baby will see his or her own reflection. Then circling the globe are small stuffed lambs to entice and entertain your baby. This swing also has music. It can play 16 different songs and sounds and the volume can be adjusted.


The seat is designed as a lamb and when the baby is in the seat, he or she will appear to have lamb’s ears. The cover is completely machine washable. The seat boasts a 5 point harness for your baby’s safety. There is a play tray so that your baby’s favorite small toy can be placed on the tray to play with. The controls are easy to access and operate as they are on the top of the swing and can even be operated from behind the swing if baby is almost asleep and you don’t want to interact as to wake him or her.


Cozy Kingdom

The Cozy Kingdom swing is another swing that comes highly recommended. This swing is at the top of the list as one of the best portable swings.


This particular swing folds up easily and has a removable head. It operates on a battery only, but it is quiet and strong. It has 6 different speeds and plays 6 different melodies. It operates on a rotary dial and sports a 5 point safety harness. The toy bar removes quickly and easily. The cover is machine washable and the infant pillow can be removed as the child grows.



The MamaRoo is the baby swing for technologically forward moms. It is completely motorized, blue tooth capable, mp3 compatible and can be controlled from an application on the iPhone or android device. The swing can move in five directions that you can control based on your baby’s mood and needs at the moment. Yes the MamaRoo sounds a lot like kangaroo and that is actually one of the directions that the seat can move. The seat can be adjusted to nearly any position.



Now that swings have been addressed. Let’s talk about baby bouncers. These can seem a bit straight forward but they are not at all straight forward. There are still many different kinds. There are many different features. Buying the right bouncer can almost be as complicated as buying the right swing. Lets talk about the Bouncer Balance Soft, Rainforest Friends Deluxe Bouncer, and the Cuddle Bug Bouncer.


Bouncer Balance Soft

The Bouncer Balance Soft is one of the more basic baby bouncer seats. It has a washable fabric seat and comes in many colors. There are no lights or music or movement. Baby just sits and bounces. It has three adjustable positions and folds easily for storage or travel. There is no toy bar so nothing to distract baby from calming down.


Rainforest Friends Deluxe Bouncer

This bouncer, the Rainforest Friends Deluxe Bouncer, has soothing vibrations and a removable toy bar. This bouncer definitely steps up the game a bit.


The toy bar sports a light up waterfall sure to catch baby’s attention, a frog that jumps up and down, a giraffe that moves back and forth, a monkey that holds a ball, and a toucan that spins. This offers a lot for baby to do and quite often can be a distraction for baby for a busy mom! The toy bar can also pay up to 12 sounds and melodies. The toy bar can be removed if it is not playtime for baby.


The cover is machine washable and the seat is very comfortable for baby.


Cuddle Bug Bouncer

The Cuddle Bug Bouncer has earned the title Best Bouncer for baby sleeping. The bouncer is a butterfly for a girl and a bee for a boy. The wings of each animal is large enough that they can be wrapped around to cover baby and be used as a blanket. It is actually large enough to swaddle baby for that comforting sleeping feel. They will sleep soundly and warmly. The toy bar features three toys and can be removed easily if it is not wanted on the bouncer at a particular moment in time. This bouncer sports smooth vibrations that will help relax your baby as he or she falls to sleep. There are three different vibrations to choose from. There are also ten soothing lullaby’s for baby to listen to. The cover can be removed and machine washed. This bouncer advertises that it is specifically designed to help baby fall asleep.


There you have it. Three wonderful baby bouncers and three baby swings. One of the greatest advantages to each of these baby swings and bouncers is that none of them require a lot to set up, break down for travel, or even in cleaning. They are all user friendly and fun for baby. While some swings advertise ease of portability or are even built and designed for travel, bouncers are usually extremely portable and offer another option away from home. Whether you choose a swing or a bouncer or both you need to do your research. All you have to do is decide which one of each is right for you and your baby and fits the dynamic of your home. While there are lots of choices, think about the features you want, whether or not you want the technological features, if you want the infant insert or not. Do not be afraid to go to the baby store and examine the ones on display. One more factor to consider is cost. While this article cannot address the cost of any of these baby swings and bouncers with any accuracy, these items are all found easily online and you can check for current prices either online or at your favorite baby store. Some stores do not carry them in the store but do have the option to buy them online. If they have that option, look for the ones that you can have them shipped to the store site for free and pick them up there at no extra cost to you. Having a baby shower and you know that favorite relative or friend, or even group of friends want to give you a swing or bouncer? Make sure that your registry at your favorite store is up to date and you have picked out the right baby swing and bouncer on your registry. Make sure you have also marked the correct color as well as sometimes that option is also available. This is a wonderful time. Take the time to examine all the options. If you like it, chances are your baby will too.

How to choose best long range baby monitor?

Setting out to choose a baby monitor often fills new parents with a sense of excitement and expectation. However, those feelings quickly change into confusion, frustration and even one of dread if they can’t decide and have to go back out to look. There are some things to consider when choosing the best long range baby monitor.


The first factor to consider is what type of baby monitor do the parents want. There are many different kinds but for the purposes of this article, let’s look at three, sound, video and movement. The reason for the monitor should also be evaluated in order to make a more informed decision.


Sound monitors are perhaps the best if the monitor is to be used while the parents are sleeping. A sound will wake the sleeping parents and prompt them to attend to the now awake baby.


Video monitors are great for stay at home parents (mom or dad) that work from home. They can be in their home office and working while keeping an eye on the video screen to ensure that the baby is still sleeping.


Movement monitors can be helpful during the day as well. There are two types of movement monitors Ones that will alert the mom or dad when the baby makes a more intense movement than that of sleep. The major drawback to this type of monitor is that it only works best for pre-crawlers. Once a baby has reached the stage of being able to turn over and /or crawl, the extra movement often is present in their sleep as well. The other type of movement monitor is the opposite. It detects when the baby stops the tiny movements normally found in their sleep patterns. If this movement stops for more than a few minutes an alarm sounds. This has been especially comforting to parents who worry about SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) or any other condition affecting babies. However, it is with caution a parent should buy a monitor for this reason. No authorized regulating body can certify that any movement monitor has reduced or prevented even a single case of SIDS.


Most professionals (Doctors, psychiatrists, nannies, etc) all recommend that if choosing a movement or video monitor it is best to choose one that is a combo that includes sound.


The next factor to consider in choosing a baby monitor is the size of the home. The best long range baby monitor will be that monitor which suits that particular home. Homes are getting larger and it is helpful to know the square footage that is needed from baby’s room to the location of the reciever of the monitor. Unfortunately, the footage that most of the monitors claim to cover is not always accurate. The reason for this is that the monitor is tested in an open field test. That means nothing in its way. However, in your home, there will be walls, doors, even other electronic devices. It is suggested that a longer than needed range is the one that is purchased or check to see if it says indoor range. Often times there are interference factors that cannot be accounted for. This will affect that clarity and sometimes even the operation of the monitor. If it all possible a walk through of your home while checking the monitor and check for other electronic devices that would affect the sound quality of the monitor chosen and if possible move them. Also the farther the parent unit is moved from the baby unit can also reduce the clarity of the monitor.


Another decision to make is to decide whether one parent unit or two parent units are preferred. Many parents choose the one unit. They place the power supply base in the location where they will use it most often (usually their bedroom) and they will take the unit around the house with them. This is alright in the beginning when the battery life is good and it will last a long time. However, after several months (like most electronics) the battery life will start to diminish and will not last quite as long. The alternative option is the two parent units, where one unit will be placed in the bedroom and another in the alternate room like the kitchen or home office.


Only buy a long range baby monitor from a store that allows returns. Keep the receipt and test the monitor immediately when arriving at home. All electronic devices should be turned on and the monitor should be tested at night when the neighbors are home running all their devices just in case it picks up any unwanted interference. If any interference happens return the unit in it’s original packaging to the store. Also if the chosen monitor does not perform in the way the packaging says it should return it to the store.


Also for the baby’s safety, be sure the cord to the unit is not within reach of the baby. This will help to avoid strangulation.


When selecting the best long range baby monitor, be sure not to rush. Read the packages side by side and be sure to test the monitor, once one has been chosen. After all, the reason a monitor is desired in the first place is to keep baby safe, so take the time to compare and do the research. Safety is never worth rushing.


TOP 7 first birthday outfits for baby girls

Your daughter has come though many first mile stones in her young life; he first word, her first tooth and her first steps. Now she is approaching her first birthday. This is a memorable occasion for any proud parents. It would be lovely to buy her a special outfit for her to wear on her first birthday. In this article I will review the top seven first baby outfits for baby girls. These outfits are all very cute and will help you dress your little girl with elegance and style. Getting your daughter a special birthday outfit will make her birthday a day to remember; she will look lovely and her first birthday photos will be even more special. Photo’s make a great keepsake and you will cherish these memories for ever so it’s important that she looks her best.


Whether your planning a themed birthday or a small gathering of friends and family there are many outfits to choose from. I’m sure everyone will agree that your daughter looks gorgeous and give her the attention she deserves. As she’s turning one it’s a birthday which will be remembered by the whole family for years to come. It’s also a birthday that your daughter will ask about one day in the future; just think when she turns twenty one you could be using her first birthday photo on a party invitation.


Lets take a look at first birthday outfits for baby girls; here are some of the best available on Amazon. I have also given some style tips about how to get the best from these outfits.


  1. Rare editions Baby Girls 2 piece “Birthday girl” dress and pants set


This is a lovely little outfit for the baby girl in your life. It’s very pink and frilly and will make her look beautiful. This outfit would be perfect if you’re having a princess themed party; she will certainly be the centre of attention wearing such a cute little dress. A combination of a crown motif, layer skirt with a bow and little legging with ruffles will make your daughter look beautiful.


  1. Mud pie baby girls first birthday outfit, ‘I’m 1’ legging set


Let everybody know how old your daughter is with this adorable little outfit. The top features a number one and a party hat perfect for the birthday girl. This is also a two piece set with flared, stripy legging that are very fashionable. This outfit is quite casual allowing her to run around freely and play party games. She will look lovely in these pastel colours. Why not buy a matching party hat or ‘1’ for her cake from the mud pie range.


  1. Mud pie, baby girls flamingo skirt set


This baby girls first birthday party set is absolutely gorgeous, it will turn your daughter into a real party girl. The top has beautiful detailing and sequins that will make your baby sparkle. The back of the top features two pink bows which are also lovely. This is a very well designed outfit that’s perfect for birthdays. The skirt is double layer and has leggings attached. A lovely subtle shade of pink has been used in this design which is very elegant.


  1. Rare editions baby girls birthday girl tutu legging set


This design is bright and eye catching and is sure to get your daughter noticed. The top says ‘birthday girl’ in very cute lettering. This has been combined with stars, a birthday hat and some balloons to create a lovely little outfit. The skirt features beautiful rainbow hemming which your little girl will love, it also has a ruffled layered look. This set also includes a pair of pink leggings which can be used again and again after the special day.


  1. Kidcute Ture baby girls carnation pink Flower Amaya Tunic Legging outfit


This is another adorable little set which would be perfect for your daughters birthday. It is very stylish and well made. Soft fabric has been used so your daughter will be lovely and cuddly. A lovely shade of pink has been used to create this outfit, and this is teamed with a soft grey colour. This outfit is unusual and features a large flower, it’s made from warm material so is perfect for winter birthdays. For an added touch of cuteness you could purchase a matching hat for the special day.


  1. Mud pie girls tiered tutu Birthday Party Dress


Pastel party shades and lots of different patterns have been used to create this dress. A colourful bow completes the look.The skirt is like a tutu and has four layers which each have a different colour and pattern. This dress is perfect for a spring or summer birthday as it’s light and has short sleeves. However it could be teamed with tights or leggings and a little white cardigan in the colder months.


  1. Little Me Baby girls rosette dress set


This dress set is very angelic as it’s made using a white material. The set features a head band with flowers which will make your little girl look lovely. The dress is very cute and has little rosettes all over it. It’s very detailed and elegant. If you want to add a touch of colour to this outfit you could buy some light pink shoes or a nice necklace. Your one year old will look very dressed up and stylish.


I’m sure your daughter will look gorgeous what ever you choose to dress her in; good luck shopping for her first birthday outfit and have a great party.